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worthwhile to mention that her loss of hearing was rapid following the

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trary standard based upon a method of counting. Stokes

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When pressed for illustrative cases he has not even one to fur

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puzzling enlargement of the liver and ascites without any

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This fact had long been known to surgeons but to pa

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cated with laceration of the anterior lip of the cervix uteri. Tho

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two masses or clumps and cease thoir rapid movement

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To sum up one should always suspect consumption in a person

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times as strong as the fluid glycerate. Judging by the ratios in

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and produced no fall in blood pressure. This secretagoguary substance

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Massage applied every day will reduce the size of the

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of Paley s remark that in the earliest stages of development

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At this time she was in a state of extreme emaciation and

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speaking the terminal coagula have gone through no retrogressive changes

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stipation which existed. January d a slight almond

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solidation red hepatization. The stage of resolution

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injected into animals. It is remarkable that in genuine

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invasion of venous than arterial walls l y acute inllammatory infil

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mation and passive congestion of the lungs at their

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advantage would be the strengthening of the Minister s

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prevalent cancer it leads in the returns as follows

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curred in this country for several years. It will be

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cision in the end of the peritoneum and tied firmly

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The observations made by the use of these methods have been com

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asepsis through vesical asepsis urethral antisepsis and

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The specimen presents the typical naked eye appearance of a

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last month have made the authorities more alert in the

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Texas and the Aero Medical Research Laboratory at Wright Field Ohio.

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Gold coin is not in general circulation in either Canada or

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and the tract if reprinted and published to the extent prayed for will

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different modes of termination. One of them I fuppofe to be

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