New Cancer Cause From Micardis

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Definition. — An acute, infectious disease, caused by a special ba-
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added to the endowment of the institution the fund amounting to about
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skin, corresponding to the lines of pressure exerted by garments,
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that sarcinse are present, but Riegel states that they are infrequent.
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considerable mucus and blood, an elevated temperature, intense gastric
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Definition. — A peculiar hardening of the skin, with areas of pig-
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erection of this building marks a most important step in the prog-
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knuckle of bowel may pass, with resulting strangulation. Fitz's analy-
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proper attention to the mouth as well as to the position of the patient
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and uvta ursi. Renal hemorrhage may be controlled effectually by the
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structure. It is probable that most cases of localized fibrous myocar-
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the special cause, whether this be syphilis, occupation, or other influ-
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poliomyelitis accounted for weakness of the lower extremities in
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Ktiology. — Predisposing causes are dyscrasia and occupation,
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manifested by special symptoms. The existence of a chronic valvular
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Occasionally potassium iodid exerts a curative influence, but its use
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late-appearing fever, and chiefly by the physical signs, Avhich indicate
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picture ofttimes as to lead the incautious physician to the conclusion that
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tom under consideration is concerned, are for the use of diuretics and
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and tension in the muscles of mastication and back of the neck, and
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slightly. In the majority of cases there are disseminated throughout
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tive form the symptoms arise somewhat rapidly, but early subside.
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Diagnosis. — The urine has a high specific gravity, a deep red-yel-
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floating above in a deep-red, turbid layer, above Avhich, again, the urine
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the harsh, dry skin and emaciation noted, and especially are the ethereal
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competency is rare. It, however, is not uncommonly due to chronic
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give the reactions of degeneration. Sensory symptoms are very rarely
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Surgeon to Middlesex Hospital, and Surgeon to Chelsea Hospital,
new cancer cause from micardis
flexes are generally lost ; there is incontinence of urine and feces, and
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followed an attack of acute articular rheumatism and was associated with

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