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lation from the escape of bacteria or their products

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to her and she would rub them. Her tongue was much congested bluish

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Personnel attended a variety of workshops to enhance work knowledge for such

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surgical work he had encountered postoperative thrombosis

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some little understood ventricular condition. They are not associated with

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The next thing to be done is to discover if possible

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ministeri d to this i gt atieut two or three times a day.

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To prevent a return of the trouble the child should be required

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practice and theory so far as tropical sanitation and the

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Q. Please give the treatment for reduction of fevers.

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important functions. The principal one of these is to guide and

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general and the dyspepsias in particular are far from being

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the necessity for the discontinuance of the remedy.

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Animals such as the horse dog or elephant possess high intelligence

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still to bring forward in a summary way what has been accomplished

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principal factor in the causation of the symptom com

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tional changes occurring at puberty at menstruation

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to this country it would perhaps be better for the crew

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terior Vaginal Wall followed in which the author stated

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cially the lower may claim attention. Local treatment however is rarely

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silence which prevails at the penitentiary gives place

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to the already formidable difficulties of infant feeding.

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animal cannot drink turn a little gruel down gently.

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