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Glands What is the degree of virulence of these organs from

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ordered home to be in readiness for sea duty. Assist

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with Otis s olive pointed bougies found upon reaching

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the composition of my lectures I had to go to the bottom

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pronounced at inspiration and results from a narrowing of the

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civil engineer who surveyed the land for the Western

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Disease is characterized by some derangement in the vital ac

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the candidates or their social position. From the six best

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classes now in public care were subjected individu

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upon the bed but of mind still alert and busied with

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cussion and prominent. On opening the abdomen six pints of foul pus was

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ming up is given in the second journal referred to

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perience a similar case. I was asked by a brother doctor to

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appearing in different places. It is to be further observed

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the differential leucocyte count seems to give important

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direction of the external and internal borders of the limb. These two

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apparent. I will mention the case of a young woman that I

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