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the value of a good steed may be considerably enhanced by


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remarkable after three injections the pulse and tempera

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ling these sows receive incident to placing them in the crates for

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her system and having accomplished this I shall keep her

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curred suddenly usually at night with amelioration and

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carbolic acid with ounces of tannin and ounces of gly

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either the subjective or the objective point of view.

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youth always busied in the open air he has weathered many a

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a tongue which did not indicate indigestion. There was no appre

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associated with and probably causative of varicocele.

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ing ordered to Cuba where small gt ox is prevalent.

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of German prose and training in the oral and written use of

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gout or anoemia the latter were always due to acute

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menthol and rectified and methylated spirits are given.

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and Surgical Repo ter eaxXy in last year it appears

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tion of the vagina and uterus improved rapidly and the

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side ot the face with paresis of the left external rectus

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centa after the child is born. He adds on this occa

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be dislodged from its situation. Having thus failed in both of

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pages of original material the numerous typographic

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he has practised law since that time. He was elected State

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may be a communication of air cells causing large air sacs.

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appendix it could not be felt. On replacing the cecum

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the people of that blood stained and ruined country

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paratively innocent sarcomas death having been produced rather from the

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in a more advanced secondary stage two gave positive

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according to Virchovv the results of their investigations appear to

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usually become emaciated early is to be explained by the theory

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a medical man would be warranted in even recommend

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It was discovered later that the insured a consump

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water especially cold water from cholera patients. A cruel and per

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