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Purpurea by Francis Black M.D. of Edinburgh Homoeopathic Hospital at Vienna Case
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revealed a slight contused and lacerated bullet wound
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is turned on. In from five to thirty minutes the elec
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and the eyes became hollow. Netter made a lumbar puncture and obtained some
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that the thyroid secretion is not necessarily increased in quantity
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I compare its clinical result in saving life enhanc
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liters capacity. These experiments will be described elsewhere.
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ing a bullet wound making six or seven openings in the
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cesses of the twelfth dorsal and the first and second lumbar
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of wines which are sent to his firm in Toronto thus saving heavy
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tient and although the symptoms were most alarming a
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munity in which they live. Their mental movements and the exer
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Dr. Gilhart Smith had seen no benefit from Tufnell s
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be taught in such an untidy room. But we would warn against a
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good nature and cheery manner the father rocked and
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of good strength and character. The family had been aroused by the
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peratures such as blood heat though they flourish at
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Occasionally there may be a little difficulty caused by the fact that a
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i in the vagina do possible harm could arise from gentle
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I ought to be given a good trial in genital hypoplasia.
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uterus. Dr. Tweedy described the operation as practised by himself
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C. Syphilitic cirkhosis. Of all the abdominal viscera the liver
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at a meeting of the Boston Society for Medical Improve
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the patient can not walk well without the aid of vision the
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was impossible to make a correct physical diagnosis we
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atile fatty acids to the rapid destruction of proteid matter
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richer are its rewards on the other hand so widely distributed are
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were freely discharging a foul sero pus. When the wound
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parison of the results obtained by these workers were that the op
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found disintegrated red blood corpuscles in the macro
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very important connections with visceral life. It is also connected with a
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the liver and spleen there were a small number in the lungs.
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Partial Dissociation. In the typical case of partial dissociation the

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