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In commenting on a case reported to the Gynaecological

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tion of the conjunctiva from the lids to the eyeball.

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that neighbourhood Did these animals frequent the common

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The ocular paralyses which may be noticed in cerebral tumour show

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symptoms was due to a telangiectatic myxomatous glio sarcoma extend

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testimony. Special attention was called to the report

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ftom reaction ever occurred and he doubted even whether

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a constant tingling in the entire body below the level of the epigastrium

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whether peptones are able to equalize the deficit of albumin re

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communis choledochus dilatea to i ductus cvsticus dilated to inch in

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bral type on abortive cases and on its early diagnosis and

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present the patient shows signs of intelligence knows his name etc.

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the diagnosis of croupous pneumonia against purulent

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of the lower extremities in six cases. Two such cases

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Bot amp lll arterial duct. D. choled ochus choledoeh

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food they are excreted by the bowel as phosphate and proportionately

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the o ain in knowledo e which resulted was this that whethei

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had begun to rise one knew that the pressure in this case must

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fication consisted in so placing the patient after operation that secretions of

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at more than one point in the same individual were for

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bolic disturbances both acute and chronic. Both his

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continuing enthusiasm and support to the sub committee

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che treatment of Nervous Diseases by rest electricity mass

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Chlamydospores are not typical for any genus. They are common

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delivered woman in the dorsal position The uterus is

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would convert a healthy into an irritable sore. Now

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liable statistics to show just what proportion of these

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examination of the University of London by far the most

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some pathogens. Tween polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate was

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and by having reports sent by the School Inspectors to

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activities to the exclusion of other interests and duties as citizens.

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The bowels must also be moved regularly with a view to obviating the

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pressure in order to wash out thoroughly any pathologic

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a year previous to her admission when she took cold and

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