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progress, but after a time it may either cicatrise spontaneously, or may
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an antiseptic dusting powder employed, such as boric acid 50 per cent,
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stability, religious excitement may easily start disorder ; but in England
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capabilities of the Elizabethan physicians, he says, "For you
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the face and neck, where they are frequently symmetrical, with well-
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to avenge their persecutions. In either phase, they are a source of
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In some cases a certain amount of evidence is in favour of this multiplica-
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It is very difficult to discriminate warts from moles ; and these con-
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are certain regions of the trunk which are especially prone to become the
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degenerate, the process extending from the rete Malpighii outwards.
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The destructiveness of maniacal patients may be aimless ; their acts
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according to the presence of a remission or exacerbation. The process
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whereby, though their structural aspect be unchanged, their chemical
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chronic dry eczema, on the other hand, soaps containing tar or sulphur
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The names given to varieties of eczema are derived from different
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large vesicles or pustules is followed by the drying of the scab, which is
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a " pattern," as if the irritant had been applied by a bandage, or, con-
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spasm ; the muscular spasms do not remit. " Trousseau's phenomenon "
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larly organized and authorized vocation. In times prior to
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in rarer instances, the spasm begins in the feet, and is either limited to
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One mg has changed the deflection sum from +1.6 to — 3.4, or 5.0
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pole, respecting which a writer in the "British Apollo," No.
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he finds he cannot pass a drop, for the bladder has become
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with articulation, nor any sort of aphasia ; simply tonelessness of voice.
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mother of William HI.; and three of the children of James
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dermatitis show a marked susceptibility to changes of temperature. The
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ganglion cells do not necessarily show any marked change, the process
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collected libraries, and the works of Aristotle, Plato, Euclid,
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The nodular syphilide. — The term " nodule " in this connection simply
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more learning than the other faculties, I will not stay to inquire,
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It has received the most varied names. Some authors have named it
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while in Italy it has so far been found in one case only (Mibelli). There
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delayed by washing, which carries off the delicate newly-formed epider-
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If the object to be weighed is of glass or porcelain and has
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dulness of the forehead. This sign is very much more common in boys
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physic went in those days), a subtle political agent, and a
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aphasia sometimes occur. Functional affections of the spinal cord are
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which are much more amenable to medicinal treatment than true torti-
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for spermatozoa and centrifuged for casts : in the absence of cardio-vascular
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functional disturbances, or perhaps even haemorrhages); yet not univer-

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