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acid. The water is colorless and transparent when fresh ; but
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It is none the less to Dr. Allen's credit that Dr. Campbell first
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Even in the minor affairs in life, efficiency is the desideratum, but men
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our article as relates to spermatorrhoea, we may be induced to
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deoxidizing ones during decay), it becomes changed in its hue.
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Best Method of Causing an Increase in the Number of Essays, etc. —
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The Cimex lectularius, or bed-bug, is said to have been intro-
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" Ulceration may be defined to be molecular death of a part, or
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tient can enjoy her usual sensations while the uterine system is
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boiled, in three hours — and hard-boiled or fried, in three hours
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professional mind. An untimely beefsteak may cause an
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tions with reference to the action of the different muscles and their
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cleanliness. 4. The ease and quickness with which it is removed,
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3. That it gives a loud, muffled, and confused sound, caused by
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the first appreciable relief from his dysenteric distress;
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operating to depreciate the character and scientific labors of Dr. Goadby.
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slipping back into the abdomen beyond my reach, I passed a ten-
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period, to Detroit, to complete their education. This, too, when by
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that, we have heard of, save in one instance, in which it was resorted to
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fourth intercostal space, just under the fourth rib. It bears the
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in the journals, have also been rejected, in the belief that we can-
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in the diseased mucous surface. The best results follow its use
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The intermediate portion of the levator ani is thin and
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tion in animals, as in plants, is conducted by powers implanted
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will it be received and appreciated by the reflecting non-professional read-
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some degree of elasticity, is generally admitted ; but even
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terests of the profession. It is no logical sequence from this, that the system
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To facilitate turning by the feet, Dr. Churchill recommends the
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and hands a little swollen ; no symptoms specially indicating a
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