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considerable fluctuations. The highest point was reached in
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two tubes gives the velocity pulse see Fig.. For physiological pur
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dependent of nervous structures for in the heart itself an extended net
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evaporated a substance resembling the etherial residue
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disease suffered from nerveiusne ss inability to sleep
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softened more vascular with an increase in the chromophile
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tary Bureau Health Department New York City for the
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Hospital on March last. She stated that her age was
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very much more than lie had done in the past. While they
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cause but especially in those cases in which the scratch
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Dr. Rush was an active member of the society and that
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the brain must have blood though diseased blood it be. From
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there is often dull aching pain complained of on sexual inter
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flora of the nursling period. At a later period Prof.
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think out many a subject or project or trouble while
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nitrogen and other food elements but these are badly mixed
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pathology of growth of obesity or of the nutritional or deficiency diseases which
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in respect to the degrees of severity which may characterize differ
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are stimulating and curative. Sulphur baths are excellent
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excitant exists in the blood of cancer patients and to a
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parable to a venom and on this ground the author suggests
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are the subjects of gout or of chronic Bright s disease and
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Sanders William Henry mc Jefferson cb Mobile Montgomery.
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Second the case might be thought to be an hypersemia due
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recovered under the care of the hospital surgeon. I venture to suggest
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South Dublin Union and subsequently was transferred

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