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patients against the wind-borne pollens which they inhale is by

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ml. The last tube No. 7 will contain saline and no serum

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variation by the subject. If a chair or other form of seat be

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by the exhibition of such remedies as carbonate of ammonia, quinine, bark,

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new; for if, as would appear, " dosimetric" signifies a measured dose, where was

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by several organisms is not a specific lesion, nor is the organism specific for that

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may occur before the pigments leave the blood for the tissues.

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These resolutions were tabled for one year, and nothing more

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a normal heart mechanism is found. Here you can readily see

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exhibition of cold water had no influence, were disliked and

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find's k only 7 per cent., whereas in a child of 100 pounds the

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did not recall that the symptom had served him in disease of the

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become the source of a general infection, if a communication is established

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peculiar shooting pain in abdomen from left to right, and the

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to moderate albuminuria and cyUndruria as in other fevers.

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or purpuric symptoms occasionally supervene during the eruptive stage.

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but carefully the processes, causes, effects, and concomitants of disease.

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(9) To all tubes, except the corpuscle control, add 0.5 ml of

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shown every consideration by the superintendent and all the offi-

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At first the improvement was exceedingly slow, but after

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indications, or contra-indications, for its use, its effect seemed so

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is a term peculiarly pertinent to diabetes because the dietetic

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more or less hot eructations ; great flatulence, the abdomen

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Upon whatever theory, however, the prohibition rests, the

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proving was diluted, as it were, by less exact additions. It was

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When 5 ml of blood filtrate is Nesslerized, the calcula-

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this method, the death-rate has undergone a marked change for

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little deeper than in the previous year. This plate was taken

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in all ten plates. The accompanying text is clearly and concisely

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time the temperature continues elevated, with morning remissions of

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influence on the course of the disease. The tincture of the perchloride of

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Gartner. We must await further experiments before the exact role of

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