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work the training of midwives and monthly nurses in favor of

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ized. Careful observation of the diet is imperative for the

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and extracted the child. Many baldheaded citizens of that region carry

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vascular capsule and pedicle would be presented at a future

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is indicated when the sight frequently vanishes and when there is vertigo

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so copiously from the American Medical Association and in

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this miserable condition which was none other than the

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as follows As the various pathogenic bacteria produce

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matic fever ptomaine poisoning cholera typhoid fever and

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spinal column and by the development of acute myelitic changes in the

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repeated in half an hour if she had not slept or quieted down.

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symptoms. There is of course always the exception to a

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was now made into the cavity of the uterus until it re

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attention is paid to digestion elimination regular habits and the

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Dullness existing in the chest laterally or posterior

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my observation has gone to convert itself into car

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it will be our own fault if cholera reaches our shores.

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Statistics of Defectives. The large number of defectives and unfit

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on for some time past between the authorities of the

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and gastric ulcer is rather rare only one in cases of

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fastened by adhesive t ands and a bandage completed the

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been to begin with two or three minims three times a day and

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invading the gland destroy equally islands of Langerhans and secreting

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cycle some nervous manifestation which would represent menstruation.

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all graded according to Broders index of malignancy and the incidence

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he must so keep them that there is no danger of the contagion

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closely stopped viak. It is a powerful styptic taken in te spoonful

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the afore mentioned judge and his experts he was one

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lines subsequently becoming dark gray and more tenacious in con

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seepage into wooden conduit into the cistern or into spring

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be sure a system of capillary vessels in the lung through the

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sentiment must give way to science. The killing of animals and the

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bers of the profession should cooperate with the various an

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