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the existence of Romberg s sign in labyrinthine lesions

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durated tubercles on one labium not at all dissimilar from con

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indefinitely and the patient actually suffers from a toxemia which

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tended between the spinous processes in the dorsal and lumbar regions.

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there will be certain differences between city dogs and country

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syphilis. As a rule the activity of the lesions occurs

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Calcutta on the th April. Had been addicted to drink for many

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others enlarged glands were enucleated before they had broken down.

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are now not used. Their names have not for the most

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performances of anabolism and catabolism in the tissues.

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The subject requires and merits extensive investigation for pri

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aromatic sulphates to some extent so that these ob

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made by the late firm at the present laboratory and North

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ological that is depend upon animal experimentation. Guinea pigs

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both branches of the New York State legislature last

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mation in the knecjoint in a young man who was afflicted with

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account of their position and the disorders or dangers that

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a pathological point of view the identity of the in

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In some conditions this may be quite an advantage in

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arrested at this point the bowel suffers little damage and recovery is

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the diagnosis remained doubtful an operation was decided upon. The abdo

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the pains became more frequent and severe. Between the births of the

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rate at which the dose could be increased. The first dose was usually

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might have disappeared as the general nutrition and

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teresting observations on a subject as yet little understood.

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jhcmical difference for we were unable to obtain an acetyl derivative

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Technique of Instrumentation Urethroscopy Cystoscopy

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getting to be more and more the custcMn to blame one s

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See also Bidenkap s ease cited by Baumler von Ziemssen s Cyclopaedia

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causes of Purpura but this has arisen from confounding Purpura

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Application with Scientific Data of the Chief Health Resorts of the World. By

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