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the president of that association was quoted as saying We

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The two classes of medicines which will be found most useful are

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During the three months ending on June th the deaths of

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agency of the mercurial prescribed in the first in

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method of study more forcibly shown than in the recent

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Prognosis. Acute bloating is always serious especially

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exclusive relationship of this organism to croupous pneumonia whereas this

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dition is far from constant and that the patients in

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of the enlarged papier mache models of Auzoux. Knowledge of this kind

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practical value to the reader as well as a good index to the

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astringents may be given without producing costive

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are absent as a rule but there may be fleeting glycosuria to slight

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augmented and thus we have a combination of the very effects which

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shield them from a life of toil and hardships. In the

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everywhere audible and frequently there are signs of emphysema.

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long humanization but this intensity is not to be deplored and is

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that more heat is dissipated in fever than nnder like con

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the City of New York etc. With Illustiations. In Three

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imitation and suggestion are prominent factors. But the tics are not a

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Twelve ounces of urine were passed the constituents of which are not

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treatment of pneumorrhagia or parenchymatous hemorrhage from the

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tient had any relaxation of the bowels excepting occasionally

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mislead and deceive the public and impose upon sick

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tricity was ordered. Happily the arduous endeavors of

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person frequently to a cool and even a cold air at the same

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shall be liable whenever the patient his executors or administrators shall require to

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