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appears in the annals of that town as one of those for

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quarters to fill out fuller and stronger. Docking z per

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rushes into the bladder and balloons it. Reflected light is thrown in and

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of toxins is then arrested or greatly eliminated the

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grain doses. I lielieve that it can be given in ten

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carrying out their treatment with assurance in otherwise

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important points report a case of my own and endeavor to draw some

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partly on the direct microscopic examination of the blood in

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of paresthesia of the throat in the early stages of

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In this essay I have sought to show why syphilis is not

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more or less freely during the application of the water. The good effeelof

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sium chlorate. From Rutler s Diagnostics of Internal

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had suffered some pain. While he did not think it was

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paralysis of the abductor muscles of the glottis was. Is

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occurs later in child life I am inclined to think that

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subnormal. In these cases the discomfort appears several hours after

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means of wet fomentations immersion and irrigation the

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nant as the neiglil oring regions and no tumor of any

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than mechanical obstruction in the causation of jaundice we have had to

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swelling on palpation. Under chloroform nothing abnormal could

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perature have accidentally been as high as in a hot country then

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The form of diabetes resulting from disease of the central nervous system

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ing with its fellow proceeds forward and connects through

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being retained. The observations of Pasteur Lemaire

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have shewn that all effusions even the simplest contain more or less white

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