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Tuberculosis. This investigation deals chiefly with

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How would you remove the stains of potassium perman

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twelve months previous the horse had done but little work

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electrodes should be of as large surface as possible. They are of

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bladder and rectal troubles such as occur in cord lesions. The knee

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that a vote of thanks be tendered Dr. Hoskins for his valuable services

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ature of one to two or more degrees which extends over the

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The physiology of the cranial nerves is clearly concisely and in the

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thereby slowing the heart beat. In goiters growth of the cicatricial and glandular

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women a fact which holds good in America as well as Austria.

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alimentation are very narrow much more narrow indeed than is

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this juncture is deplorable in the extreme. Any attempt to swallow is

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Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Rush Medical

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or crush it with instruments of various forms. The danger lies

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Vfe find that Dudgeon has often condemned what Hahnemann correctly

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