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Insurance, because sickness insurance must be locally applied and lo-

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Fig. 2 shows the patient in position, unanesthetized, a natural

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From a clinical standpoint we find the diagnosis often missed, sec-

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and pus gotten into the peritoneal cavity and thus caused death.

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Medical Society will be held in Owensboro, May 5th, 6th, 7th,

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imaginary invisible "filter-passers" and the "yet-undiscovered" for

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efficient in restraining hemorrhage than ergotine. — Lancet, March 29, 1890.

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regarded in surgical operations. In many cases not even a per-

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chest wall had been repeatedly observed. At the time of the publica-

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aneurism of foreign substances, such as iron wire or horsehair. He thinks

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cholagogues there is none whose action is so inconstant and so insignificant

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whether it is or not we must solve it for ourselves and for our

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measure in all illnesses, and as a part of those periodical physical

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think. It is traditionally the simplest diet but we all know better ;

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by infection through the inspiring of the germs in the air.

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The underlying pathologic changes in the pelvic fibrous and

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