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ing, even scorning, the petty accuracy of test-tube

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harga dulcolax cair untuk anak

was the observation that the per cent of mice from which salmon-

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tion. Vegetation is rank on this rich soil, but corruption is

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at first of the strength of two or three grains to the fluidounce, which

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The annexed Table will exhibit shortly the effects, the di-

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It is not sufficient to obtain a single evacuation of the stomach. After

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taste. They are stronger than the leaves, but less used.

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are which are used for the support of the animal world, they

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One mode in which it operates, in answering these purposes, is by

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ulatioUi and refrigeration. For the first, it is confined to the part to

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The falloiv deer is similar in its properties, but is generally

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ployed ; but, whatever may be the name of the affection in which the

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should never be tampered with, and never employed unless under proper

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add has no sufficient haemostatic power to be relied on exclusively in the

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life. In old age, on the other hand, the quantity of food re-

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from beef, &c. Let him avoid all these, if he can, in the

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lants are often called for, to aid in supporting the strength until the

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at length to persistent irregularity ; and the exhaustion of the excitability

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help but to go in search of a more congenial clime. Other

how long does it take dulcolax suppository to work

proportion. When added to decuctions, it fehould be introduced at tlie

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fore a savage will cover his feet, but the head will generally

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ing in the interior of the Southern, and in the Western States. Though

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(iy *HyvLmJL to its merits The drsmnstaace rhat it <*hAnges the (^hwr-

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stomach, afTeeting the brain sympBlbetically ; and that tlu' sympLonis ar

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unfrequently the fountains or reservoirs containing it are furnished with

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