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point of view, not always the most important part. To the public and

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this case the ill consequence incurred is, in the opinion of the actor, who

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graded from L2 (coarse) to L7 (fine) ; that of Berkefeld filters

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papillae, form lobulated masses owing to their increase in number, and

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masses. Colonies, yellowish, brownish, or grayish, with certain character-

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mata" described by them are mainly three : to wit, (i.) the presence of

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It is employed in different strengths, the' preparation being much reduced

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student in whom attempts to read caused painful tightness across the

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diseases and E. multiforme ? It may be remarked that in the case where

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effect on these patients, strongly as they may deny its influece.

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with -%%-$ of a grain each hour for three doses, is useful. Great freedom,

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Psychological Association to investigate and report on this most difficult

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the upper Mississippi, and practised curing by mesmerism.

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The use of drugs. — In all kinds of night terrors nerve sedatives are

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smaller specimens of the humbug family, of the medical

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