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much ecchymosed, and especially if it is narrowed, to
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One year later, she, with an associate, and the co opera-
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restored and happy, was en route for his own home."
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Joseph F. Henrotin, was a physician of ability and ex-
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will begin to wane. Montreal's last epidemic is very far from
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to Frances Spalding, a daughter of Major Spalding, of Ann Arbor
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of that city. Shortly thereafter he came North and became
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cases and under all circumstances," applying them as fully as
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any osteoplastic action, I am, of course, unable to decide.
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loosen them, when the body was lifted down. The cause of
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reason and experience. But it is a popular error that these nat-
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lows: "The generous and philanthropic offer of Mrs.
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indeed is generally regarded as the founder of the American Ortho-
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From prolonged wakefulness and suffering, the patient began
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and on the neck of the femur. At the back, an incision
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given him, " On being escorted to the platform (a com-
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at Nashville, Tenn., in 1890, as the first woman delega
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father, Abraham li^wman, was an Englishman, the oldest
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invented by him is very ingenious, and has revolutionized
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and fall out ; enormous swelling of liver, with general dropsy ;
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sity of Ottowa, Ottowa, Canada, in 1880, and three years later suc-
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three silk threads passed between it and the broad ligament, and
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ciation, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the Buf-
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bizarre in itself, but as contrary to homoeopathy, regrets the
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wound infected by a bullet, especially by a pointed bullet,
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verified and heard^ mentioned the difficulties that these
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this into prominence, as Norton, Allen, Bell, and Minton do.
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and applied knowledge. He was a brave man. No truer
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the physician should ever avoid impossible orders ; for, when a
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ness, frontal headache, facial impetigo, aural abscess (right),
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than a woman, and none more hospitabie to new ideas
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noticed ; secretion from the wound dries up, and, when the
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i-£ :'-; ;'-"7 1= t'-.ae ;i=:e*, when there is so much of
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dted cceliotomiea. Among his tnajoT operations may be
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hi; early education acquired at the public schools there
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simple warm baths, such as Teplitz, Wildbad, Kagatz, and Baden in Switzer-
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the distinction of Master of Arts of Columbia University.

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