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this shape this medication is not endorsed ferric salt. In the cold state it produces a

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One of the most common lesions that has been observed is

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for eight days in succession, without any effect whatever ; while,

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lower animals to man. There seems to be no indisputable

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let, is fastened snugly between the approxi- needle threaded with a long, heavy silk,

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r^rtn ",7 ^"i ,"^^ neoplastic, can be ously maintained. Iodides and mercury

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tion to the elevation in temperature there is sometimes a

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recorded of the great epidemic which prevailed in Savannah in the

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centre, and not to an action on the peripheral nerve-fibres.

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with the comparatively mild symptoms. failure to get union of these structures will

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syringe these caps are removed in a second's time. This absolutely eliminates

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article being limited to one or two sabre cuts, in which it was

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No one can tell precisely where a battle will take place, for the

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results from the use of the tinctures of phosphorus in his hands, and

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which they spread and become general, if we will call to our aid

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the disease usuall}- takes the form of soft polypoid or fungoid

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and inflame the conjunctival membrane. The discharges from

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and Granville, who also figured in the chine and the efforts to avoid obstacles in

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rays are connected with the central portion by fine thread-like

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cure was effected by the use of this remedy ; but when it had

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ease appearing in sporadic cases or in epizootics. It is usually

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salt, and it is perfectly stable and bland. Clin- ELIXIR, put up in I6 oz. bottles, dose teaspoonful

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the hands of the patient. Now the work of purification commences.

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numerous in winter as in summer. Salmon has collected

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giving rise to a condition resembling an epizootic. In cattle,

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alone can determine. Statistics thus far at 'y Diseases, Prague,

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entire pectoralis major to the middle of the sternum and ensiform

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or on his belly, dragging the stump of his cord on the ground,

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weakened in order to accommodate this Society certainly acted wisely in making

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the embedded glands should not be overlooked. With the

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not at all, and yet they recover at times under the use of the

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These symptoms soon subsided on the administration of small

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protracted cases of mammary abscess would be extremely uncom-

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local venereal swellings, chancerous ulcers and cicatrices,

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furnishes the information here given concerning the symptoms

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folding of the membrane lining the other svvoolen, the teeth sore, with the sensation

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form which is transmitted from animal to animal is caused by

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has not in any way been liable to infection, shall sign a certificate to

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made. (3) The eruption of distemper if widely distributed

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