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and then quickly removing the fingers. The spot will completely dis
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of cantharidine as follows. Twenty minutes after injection
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this law as a dead letter lie is prohibited from ex
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become almost insipid gives force to the opinion that its
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a patient with such a rare condition especially since no occurrence of this
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Anything that can prevent the proper nutrition of the nerve.
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large number of illustrations add not a little to the
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should be ordered until a thorough investigation of the
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In it there was some hemorrhagic infiltration and also a slight infiltration
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did not at all like her condition. She had been verj
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when the body temperature remains abnormally high even in
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wounds as to render him incapable of earning his livelihood.
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the chest or else the remaining vesicles must dilate. Secondly vicarious
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being serious. Each man must develop his own methods.
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dysentery diarrhea amp c. They serve to soothe inter
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the mercury in contact with the whole body. In this way you are
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beg of you to let no dread of notoriety no considera
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Dr. McLaughlin said there were two points on which the
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costeroid induced peptic ulcer a serial roentgenologic sur
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cases of sudden inception complete anuria may exist for
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cial in those cases where there lingers any degree of conges
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tion of silver nitrate become subsequently infected with organisms
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memliership blanks will be furnished on application. Dr.
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On puncturing about one and a half pints of slightly
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indirect cause of insanity and finally like any othei
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ety and the predominance of this polynucleosis har
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The sweat glands cover all parts of the body and extremities.
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any changes in this direction or in his method of prepar
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The chief purpose of this article is to present data
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severe toxic troubles through imperfect elimination by reason of the lesions
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signs and symptoms indicated this condition of affairs in the lungs upon
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tunate military brethren. It is as well known as any fact can
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that if the respirations had been counted during one
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have a right to know whether they have been thus abusing

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