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Wth. Found three inches more worm detached to-day. In-
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gently to their places; yet in these it is scarcely necessary either to extend the
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bleedings constitute the most obvious symptom ; and as we are quite
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room of a general hospital in which at that time there were no
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in most of the text-books to give opium for abdominal pain is
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only to the present legal test (the existence or nonexistence of a sane con-
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That there is 7iot a simple adherence of the poison to a place in this
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until after the period of collapse had arrived. The
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Literature Index.” Contents page included in “Current Contents/Clinical
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an accidental variety of fibrinous cast, presenting no
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Ophth., St. Louis, 1899, viii, 16, 1 pi.— Siarr (L D. )
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ent in the earlier stages, but these tend to disappear or di-
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instrument, pass about a pint of urine in a full stream, ]>art of
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placed than those of the fore limbs ? I think the most devoted
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Modification der Selinei venreseetiou bei Gefalir sympa-
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former. Hence why emphysema occurs not only as a result of bronchitis,
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taken into account. The prevention of hemorrhage is a matter of para-
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scopical examination of the sputa. The goitre treatment was
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being those in which lead is freely handled and in which the exposure is
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typhoid fever, infants soon after birth, and young children are
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no evil effects, or only effects of a passing character. In fact, they
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which was printed Avithout date oi" signature, some
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.ffiokikt jebeltiAbo qf Mood ,v^i^ .pttlaa|if)9i i^ ,^11 i^ #^i;ei;i9f,(
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grease gully trap, which is stated to be a perfect self-cleansing
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clergymen, 42 ; agriculturists, 40 ; traders and manufac-

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