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These facts all strongly support the theory we have stated above, as the most

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process, formed by the recti and oblique muscles, while counter-pressure is

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identity — as: I. The absence of a chilly fit. 2. The absence of

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count, which he made out at two hundred dollars. It was reported to

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proliferation of endothelial cells of lymph channels, or capillaries near.

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vol. xxviii. 1877. — ^Dr. Ogilvie. "Congenital Immunity to Syphilis and the so-called Law

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it is then taken with a spoon, or is dried in small cakes. The effect of

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(c) Cerebral lesions, e.g. hemiplegia produced by haemorrhage, embolism,

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ulcers may form, but their presence will not usually be diagnosed.

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then no evacuation was produced until an injection had been given.

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and involuntary micturition and defaecation are not uncommon. Death

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leukaemia. Less constantly, but still with sufficient frequency to warrant

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sume an acute form, ramoUissement of the brain, S^c, may exist in this

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that the goitre has preceded the onset of the other symptoms by a long

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within this period of life — that .tubercles are not simply a local, but a

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to^bave vinoei in iba cura of dyaeniery." It baa been used for the

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work of Dr. Still, but with the same idea in view, the ascertaining

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extended beyond the intended limits, that depletion was liberally used,

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and the treacle, until incorporated. There is an alteration of strength

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Edinburgh, 1894. — A Practical T'rcatise on Genito- Urinary and Venereal Diseases and Syphilis.

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each. The dose employed should be large, to the extent even of 100 c.c. of

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The pupils will be admitted to the practice of the Massachusetts General Hospital, and wiUitaiii

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been counted. The skin over them is unaltered either in colour or other-

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patience and management with which the complaints of the inmates

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the foetus be represented by some fragments of bone, a loop or two of

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wall of the abdomen has been reached the direction of the manipulation is

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as a pastime; had a course of training at Dresden Conservatoire five

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Should any doubt still remain the condition should be treated as if it were

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frequency of discharge. The intestine is assisted in recovering its reabsorp-

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acute nephritis, followed by other more characteristic signs of typhoid fever.

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to have been seen." Since this work was published the present writer has

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be made into the antrum through the canine fossa, though the drainage

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6, and in many cases 1 to 7 or 8. The respiration, though often more

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in size, distributed about the eyelids, the root of the nose, forehead, naso-labial

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local measures, and every effort should be made by spraying, irrigation, and

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is, however, inferior to glycerine agar as a medium for subculturing the

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scribe lupulia, and he finds it frequently induce sleep, and quiet nervous

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is called squamous-celled cancer, or more particularly by British writers

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llth. The child is better, though there have been several paroxysms.

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produce a livelier reaction ; but when this is of a strong nature the bare

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