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appear prematurely or at least without having become filled with pus.

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temperature observed to fall by crisis usually it Avas by a somewhat

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of the cervical sympathetic are produced by paralysing or irritating

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another in his absence or during short indispositions he

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he was struck on the head just above the left ear with the

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By climate we understand the average condition of a

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well out toward the periphery. In places the veins seemed

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family has called in the services of the family doctor to attend

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our cover of Good s Family Flora and Materia Medica Botanica. The

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ready vital but it is in an important sense an independent

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This preparation is still a new remedy and will certainly be sub

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within its substance the disease assumes a far different appearance

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cases of uterine clisuTdors can be relieved aud iudeed

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bringing the chemical dilution above its bactericidal potential.

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nerve as can be ascertained by Gaertner s apparatus

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bacilli often remain unstained at various points and this

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Definition. An infectious disease involving the mucous

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ing t a useless or inert agent yet we have learnedy that atvtlie

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visits. Langius observes If a crisis is to be expected medi

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Sydney R. Miller. Gastro intestinal hormones and their signifi

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mentioned the several symptoms accompanying the disease and

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house since Feb. coming here from another mill village in

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whether the vaso motor or trophic nerves haee any part whatever in the

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tnS pCKmm S a lt ochC gt CN gt gt ooooootororororo ovooinooooooo

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lishments involving a national supervision there should be

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in teaching the minor delicacies and inferior duties

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Special practice however necessitates that men work

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is to lose ground. This form of hyperleucocytosis is not a symptom

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diac debility a tablespoonful of the infusion of digitalis with a scruple

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the Toxins of Pathogenic Micro organisms upon the Parenchy

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men with diametrically opposite objects. She naturally fails to

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VA Medicine Pathology Conference Tuesday p.m. VAMC LR room D

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The inflammation then spreads to the meninges and there results an exuda

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the ice bag should be applied over the lower third of the

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which is quoted with approbation by M. Dupotet as strongly

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