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nosis is made by exclusion. There is an impairment of the health ;
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The efforts of these early reformers — the founders of the
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prominent factors, the treatment is plain. In so far as we can
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pelvis of the kidney. The epithelial lining of these collecting
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In interstitial chronic pneumonia, cirrhosis of lung, or fibroid
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stances, to micturate voluntarily, and the bladder is never allowed
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Advertisements of the proper character, will be inserted at liberal rates.
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master for care or help. The dumb brute never forgets the
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dition has been removed, and a laxative employed, geranium
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placid countenance, the want of expression in the forehead being
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uterus and adnexa, macrotys acts through the hypogastric plexus
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collapsed, and did not answer the pui-pose of drainage. But
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they bleed, and rub on a little table salt. This is much
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Natrium phosphoricum has been extensively employed in
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quisquam sit, qjjai^tum. habet" (soil: '' stubborn facts " and
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of any drug, in a disease so dangerous as diphtheria. All
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are very frequently guilty of this, and should try to rid them-
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by any material (secretion) that is drawn from it, and by wrongs
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power in many cases of chronic skin disease, but the cases must
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bowels. Means that increase the activity of these excretions
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means the most sure of physical exploration of the organs.
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nence; gradually increasing nearness of pulsation to the surface;
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of these will be readily recognized, though it is not so easy to
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presses, previous to removal, should be moistened by cov-
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"I would not attempt to treat a case of pneumonia, diphtheria,
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Dose. — 1-16 of a grain to 2 grains (the latter is emetic).
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Instead of covering the extensive field indicated by the
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cium, of lead, and of the subsalts of mercury ; the chlorides,
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of a slight drawing of the neck and hands, had a convulsion
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bronchitis, pneumonia, and broncho-pneumonia, and in inflamma-
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trolling influence, especially when these abnormal conditions are
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successfully employed in injuries complicated with septic infec-
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find to Texas alone, as it frequently develops at the close
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cendent degree. It is almost a wonder that the clinician is not
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combination with subnitrate of bismuth it is often used in the
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If of the cheeks, one or both, we refer it to the respiratory or-
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the urinary apparatus ; aching in the back which accompanies
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hard to attain my end that the ancients have naught
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Methylene blue is said to be especially active against the
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On removing the dressing to-day, it was discovered that " the
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* Review of Waldenburg on Consumption, etc. By J. C. Reeve, M. D.
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In the fluid culture the pairs and chains predominate. According

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