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of the institution, he became the constructor of the general

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region, such as the face ; more often to the front of the abdomen. The

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constitutional symptoms were slight, the patient complaining somewhat of

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sible albuminuria. The blood has an abundance of lioplasm, as Beale

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.25, hypodermically at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., but chill occurred about 5 o'clock,

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To all of you, thanks for keeping me from getting too one dimen-

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on the points I have raised as to the discrepancy between his

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most numerous as compared to the mean strength and the total sick and wounded durii^

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larged and swollen, and contained empty spaces. This

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mralgia afTecting the ophthalmic division of the fifth pair. Involuntsr}"^

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but, as Sir William Gairdner (who is still fortunately with us to

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the undiagnosticated group of cases we had 25 per cent as undiagnosticat-

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In this manner I believe we can account for the time honored experi-

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ten years been more prosperous and their farms have increased

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that he had legs ; his hands also at and near the finger-tips as

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cally ; to appoint a suitable number of homoeopathic physicians

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tubercular cystitis the diagnosis is much more diffi-


followed by vomiting. She had a third paroxysm next morning at 4 o'clock, which

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but soon after, when her menstruation began to be established, the extra

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day — just twenty hours after the operation, and about six days from the com-

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going a long journey, and am come to bid you good-bye.' On

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" The radical cure of a cystic tumour may be accom-

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pneumococcus groups, but yet they appear to be somewhat more defi-

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locdc waxy, have no fioeUng, and do not bleed if wounded. The skm

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In none of the fluids recovered after 2 days or more of stasis was so

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because the fittest to live, move, and have his being in this

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bacteria could pass through the wall of the intestine when this was in a

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present at all, is commonly moderate. It may begin at any age, and last

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and the exfoliation which takes place after recovery proves how

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tubercular. It is also found in some cases of rheumatism

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ment. Or, similarly, in younger persons scrofula should

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neurasthenic condition cannot be cured without its correction ;

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paralysis of the vocal organs ; no complaint of pain or suffering ; said she cou|d

what is the potential complication of a drug-drug interaction between selegiline and meperidine

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persons actually practising mediane or surgery without a

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produce osseous overgrowths in the skull and spine. Such conditions

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be described separately except to emphasize the frequency with which

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THo University and BoIUtoo Hospital Modioli Collotfo, Session 1915-16

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they feel. Yet the first appearance of dropsy in distant parts,

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established, is interrupted by violent convulsions. Somewhat rarely

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Une ot our methods of notiiic- facts and tl,^ r^r^,,^.- f„^^ i,... k„^.. „„i„_./j ._ .c. ,_ .

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