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and Swansea, and the highest rat«»s in Portsmouth I eeds. Carditr,
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cases of ofl'eusive flatulence associated with dyspepsia.
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place where the viscera were to be opened, first to ileum and
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in every climate : but it is chiefly by the light which it
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It is necessary that some steps be taken to afford better
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spending the winter in Egypt was 3G 6.5 mouths, that is, a
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useful, as the language ceased to be written, or even, spoken,
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kidneys, and spleen. The pressure is exerted more on the
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The final tie in the Hospitals Football Challenge Cup will
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villages of India have been supplied with pure water, and
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Jaraes Willing, jun., who proposed an increase from £iriO to jClT-^per
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tions of the throat, nostrils, and ears were of a virulent cha-
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Notice to Correspondents and Authors of Communications.
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istence, at a farewell dinner previous to his departure for
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closed, and there was slight pulsation in the parts previously
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route, sometimes repeating the same three, or four, or five, or
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suturing the uterus, when a far shorter time is sufficient to
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medical aid had been procured in the first instance the child
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of the cell ; but he was unable to attach any signification to
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was 19.0. against 18.1, 18.2, 19.5, and 20.2 per l.ouu of population during
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double analyses— fi^ees and urine — being regularly made
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disease is probably functional, and of the nature of an ex-
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They vary from 0.38 per cent, in the board schools of St. Pauli
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England and Wales, if possible distinguishing (a) the upper and
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mitted, nor would the authorities have failed to stigmatise as
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ally traced in outline. He carried his inks in small holl<iws in his palet».e.
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mucin in its viscous properties and in its solubilities. The
peared for twenty minutes. The extensive subcutaneous
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processes in organic things ; on the contrary, he had aflirmed
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and in a great majority the onset could not be attributed to
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In the treatment of chronic urethral discharges it is essential
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what is the potential complication of a drug-drug interaction between selegiline and meperidine
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which he discusses most of the recent work of Metschnikoif
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performed, as absolutely pr.iteoiive against death by small-pox. .\ serious

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