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1895 ; * Ibid. ; ? " Brit. Med. Journ.," Oct. 19, 1895 5 *" Glasgow Med.
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of small doses of chloral hydrate. Thirty-five per cent,
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following experiments were carried out by the author:
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laries, and the greater quantity of blood which is thus admitted into them.*
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Btation of results. In the matter of the probability of pollution
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ings from the tenotome cut. There was no reacdon in
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a usual one, is that from the day of the fir«t dressing of
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Mrs. Arthur "W. Swann, in memory of the late Dr. Arthur W. Swann. I wish
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But it noted that hearing officers "are appointed by, and serve at the will of, the
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commanding general, department of California, for assignment
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of, is that of an ignorant barber, who has a secret method which seems
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Many doubt the possibility of curing this disease; we, however, believe
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the treatment of the soil has brought about, in the material
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The number of cases examined is far too small. Another criti-
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were lour painful points ; one at the point of emergence of the
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M. Charcot, besides pointing out the readiness with which hysterical
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1896, xxii, pt. 2, 308-311. — IIarlniann'(H.) & Bour-
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open for the escape of the gas and the entrance of fresh air, and on
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boy, and that his instructors must be in sympathy with him.
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the many present showed the interest felt. The paper of Dr. Saun-
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Bearing in mind all we have described regarding the origin,
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little the importance of this dictum is as yet appreciated, and I would
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could be awarded a portion of physicians’ fees in success-
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of aching pains in shoulders, ankles, and thighs ; on movement,
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gravity remained rather low, 1.018 to 1.027, and the total output of urea
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justly belongs to them. One word more and my agree-
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previously seen anything exactly like it. The skin on the upper
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the student should be fitted to begin. If he lack in mental
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following case illustrates the value of laparotomy for
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detect incipient fermentation, which may be stayed byre-boiling.

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