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produce a dislocation in an adult will in the child produce a separation
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one animal to another does not appear to occur. In infection through
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is easily detected by looking for the eggs nits which are small white
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one child after another attacked with diarrhoea after the admission of a case
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exceeds ten or tw elve pounds on the square inch during the
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vegetable diet while in reality it was a poor form of
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wliy Simply because the treatment which he has here
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A. surface ear shaped surfaces on sacrum and ilium.
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the hospitals. The headache rarely begins until the day following puncture
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nently impacted in the ductus choledochus. Here they may
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introduced with amygdalin into the stomach of an animal the
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Those of the large intestines proceed in two different directions the
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fluids through the no.se. Th loss of voice occurred sud
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deeply coloured and their walls thickened. Some of the cells
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able and instructive volume. It exhibits the most demonstra
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are injected are specific i. e. when for instance tetanus bacilli are
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too far in saying that a daily application of this oint
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mentality to Dr. Bealer of Effingham Dr. Dunham of Camden
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no means so simple inasmuch as it remains doubtful to what extent
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unused but less than per cent is of slight value. Phosphorus
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Signs of Diseases the Natural and Chemical Characters Medicinal
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cessful in securing through its counsel the conviction of six lodging house
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KiSER William Sites B.S. University of Maryland West Virginia
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he shall call the attention of said witnesses to the position and appearance
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ing at moderate altitudes say one mile have as small
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the cheek on that side. On looking into the mouth the
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former was elected a member of the Executive of the
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but sharing with him liability to disease and death. There is
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as to circumscribe the swelling. In mild cases no suppuration is
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one sided correspondence in the daily press of black
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be readily distinguished from glandular by the cold
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and the walls of the rectum. In children these displace
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istically the red colored fringe of the periphery of the cornea.
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the formation of the germ layers origin of the embryo. Embryological theories.
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a condition of affairs which is not apt to occur in
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perience a similar case. I was asked by a brother doctor to
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heated wire into the lacunae of the tonsils. Others recommend crystals

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