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were dissolved in order to mitigate bis sufferings which did
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of light or in other words the fixation position of the corneal
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tion the walls of the thorax contract but little at their upper part.
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further treatment. In two other cases of mucous fistula dependent on
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arteries. When due to atheroma therefore hgemorrhage will
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valescence though I stated that her chance of recovery
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with five times its weight of caustic potash for about half an
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were responsible for a good deal of the diphtheria now
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cases of Contagious Disease rejiorted to the Sanitary
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severe pelvic pains and at the operation small cystic
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stimulation by the use of the tonics usually prescribed for this
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mit it through the digestive tract. The apparent lack of
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action suddenly stopped and was never resumed. The face was
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Table No. V. Showing Number and Nature of Cases Treated
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always best to remove it. If therefore an operator adopts the vaginal
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any respiratory or muscular excitement whatever. There
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red color but it is considerably greater in a simultaneous af
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with an average of. parts. There was therefore over ten
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ject while foreign and especially Gferman works were only used
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decreased susceptibility both before and after this time. One attack
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Nursing Mothers Small amounts of Ceclor have been detected
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Nash Sam F. mc Birmingham State Board Virginia Mines.
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in certain general body reactions e.g. fever general effects on vascular
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rapidity of thought etc. which is soon followed by a
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had tried the effect of his hands upon gelatin plates both before and
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The flow of bile into the ducts according to Heiden
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fluids to a fever patient administer in a glass just the
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council witli almost absolute power. At once the char
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well to liquid nitrogen. Neither do anogenital warts.
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Before the taking of water the contents of the stomach still show
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