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are executed in the clear and well-defined style characteristic of the Lea

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Cerebro-spinal fluid, second examination, freezes at — 0.64° C.

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under one year of age 866; acute diseases of the respiratory

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piece of drainage-tube and almost all the stitches were removed.

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granted that this would be properly done, and knowing

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another. These principles formed a guide for physi-

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Rut the boy showed great qualities from the start. He was clear-

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A. F. Marquis 1, J. F. Ingram 1, J. H. Fahnestock 1, Clara C. Moore 1, E. R. Kunze 1, F. C Lownsbury 1,

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this is rare, and is really a sequel and not a primary evi-

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6. The spongiosa contains wide meshes and an absence of struc-

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assistance to perfect the art and establish a settled

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in good health, was suddenly seized with a convulsive fit, dying

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Deficiency of horn can be most easily detected by pinch-

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(B) Vomiting of Reflex Origin. — Due to an irritation of the

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tissues was raised considerably. Samples of muscular tissue, a lobe

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special subject ; they are clearly revealed by the contradictions

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Treatment. Kest in a clean, dry, airy stable or box.

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of grey matter extending across the mid-dorsal plane, which in

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TABLE 4. — Admissions, National Guard and National Army,

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ary, especial articles only where the marked idiosyn-

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of the food, all of which is to be eaten. Therefore the meat is cut in

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administrators, parents, coaches, athletic directors, and

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1. Walker, I. C, and Haller, D. A.: The Treatment of Syphilis of the

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in most cases, and of their own accord, they speak of feeling very

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adequate proof, particularly the removal from the afferent lymph-

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merely allude to the subject in order to inform our readers that in

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Thirdly, The very imperfect drainage about their dwellings, and

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trim down the feet and bathe in a bluestone solution

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Headache is invariably present. Whilst the patient is still

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