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Bartholow recommends the united action of morphia and atropia in surgery
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The object of the trench is to collect the water deposited
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lectual Faculties. The Complaint is usually Curable. Its Mean Dura
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ation of their causes and in proof by a prediction but philo
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The Most Profitable Age to Fatten Swine Farmers A and B gt s
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which she never recovered. Fortunately for purposes of diagnosis
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in the flank sweet spirits of nitre and acetanilid were used as
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or the yellowish tinge to the skin following catarrh
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sents signs of congestion and is covered in patches with a soft
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situation of the tumour an extraordinary amount of skill
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failed. Atropine in sufficient doses to check this symptom pro
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lymphatics were enlarged. Dr. Wyeth saw the patient on the
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others by a proliferation of the endothelial cells of the intima.
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writer to have passed beyond the period when one need fear recurrence.
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looking roan complaining of pain in the right side of the
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patients was made in Ringer s solution. This emulsion
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putable evidence at the Hotel des Invalides in Paris. Ribes
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meat products interchanged between official establishments quantity
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show optic atrophy and a peculiar change in the macular region con
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The typhoid infective agent has a virulence which is by no means the
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First they would send out forty men to take possession of Montreal
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system of disinfecting ships by steam places it above Charles
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compact complete easily kept and accurate that it is said to
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mind and his treatment seemed rather the result of an instinc
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ing pain was so distressing that the patient was rapidly losing weight
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elucidate this question Table p.. It may be stated that these
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disorders and in the Medical Times arid To be continued.
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of these questions go right to the fundamental nature and
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lesions hemorrhages are common to both lesions in both cases very
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layer. These assume a special cuticular covering of their own and
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right side. She couM not lie upon that side. In the course of
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onset with depression of the vital powers with or without rash on
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his intellect has been stimulated i hile that of woman has
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cheotomy performed with success by Maslhieurat Legrand.
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young frog was a principal ingredient a ninth a mixture of
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mentioned in our last Journal and his sermon was an earnest plea for

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