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the opinion that any conclusions in these matters should be reached

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tigated by the fractional method of gastric analysis, the technique

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brethren. I never see it mentioned in the medical journals, and

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the appellation scrofulous sarcoma was commonly em-

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in some other way a great public benefactor ; but if the persons whose

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Adverse Reactions: This is a potent drug; its misuse

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tion between functional and organic chorea and epilepsy,*

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The mediciil profession has now the opportunity! all details not necessary for a full understanding

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their aggregate amount. The urea especially is remarkably modified by

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sliced oranges, with the pips removed, on it, and scatter sugar

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picturesqueness of the situation, the murderer putting himself

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However, it has declined in importance as a disease incident both to sea-

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from our stand-point to-day, was due less to the re-

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vaccination, and 7204 indistinct marks, Avhile in 3802 no traces were

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on the other hand, if we believe he was created by a benign omnipotent

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centres. There are two forms of glioma, the one hard, the other soft.

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he presented as physical signs only one dilated pupil. It seems reasonable

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At a later stage the cell infiltration of the underlying structures becomes

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the tumour to escape. As the tumours grow the natural tissue of

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contraction, the humors contained in them are expelled. All

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circumorbital neuralgia is associated with h^^persemia and other

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Dr. E. A. Praeger: No one who is familiar with Dr. Bullard^s method would

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knife, fatal hemorrhage would result. I determined therefore to ligate its neck

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tions of the State, we had hoped that others would have been added

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sico-vaginales et v6sico-ut6ro - vaginales superfi-

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the exception of a little mucus tinged with blood. The ccecum,

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Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery," 145 College St., Toronto, Canada.

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cultures taken from the water of the pallial cavity and rectum fourteen

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while I was on the way down here and which h$fi something to do with

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to £1,115, and the total number of tickets issued as 1,403.

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a gargle in diphtheria with abundant proliferation of micrococci, and in

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th(!y are also against the escape of one in every six children. "With the

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be taken as a law that the amount of callus thrown out round

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H. A. COTTELL, M. D., M. F. COOMES, A.M., M. D., Editors.

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unirritating qualities, and freedom from unpleasant odor.

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ophthalmic cases." The contents include instructions re-

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esting fields for Clinical teaching in connection with the College. The material

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is not the case, and only occasionally do we meet with con-

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ciable local sore, and that a sore may have existed, and yet no visible

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