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investigation in all the departments of science literature and the aits.

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Medical Examiners and in view of that fact he asked

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for one measure viz. prompt surgical interference. A few years ago

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ledge by the Paquelin than by other agents . Inveterate eczema

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the affected localities as well as by the reduction of the egg

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and rectum. If a heifer has been bred thirty or more days

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Sex. Men are more frequently affected than women the ratio being

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ran the usual course until the period when the running and

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that it is not always easy to determine this at once.

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deal in practice nay possibly only the ileocolic which

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uily pronounced just as effective therapeutically as

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authors had attempted to show that in certain diseases

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ney and several inches of the ureter were removed and a drainage

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the solid contents of the corpuscles have been built up from their

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classroom discipline and the suspicion arose and was

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praevia premature separation of a normally situated

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is not possible to say that anything in the nature of

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patients felt itching in the neck which however disappeared in one

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thin and they are not adherent to the peritoneum from which they are

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with flatulence pain and muscular cramp were also of the

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in Stockholm of cases and this is the first important work on

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It shows also that the protein bodies can be split up

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capillaries in the glomeruli of the kidneys causing inflam

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and that of the capillaries increafed Is it becaufe the mobility

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how shall we best secure its efficiency An extended experience shows that

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trichina larvse was found in the spinal fluid. From

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connective tissue and unconnected with epithelial struc

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