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chemical evidence, the jury were persuaded to acquit the woman. In tho

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ler's solution) with a little opium (half to one drop), every three hours,

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the quickened motion of the heart, and Kolb, whose admira-

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The treatment in sunstroke as indicated by the above symp-

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injection did not protect in all cases. I am also informed that the same

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careless administration of food may do much harm, especially in

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< trial psychiatric consultations. He had been with

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idting the production of urea. Experimental observations by Mdge-

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views which were maintained by the ancients, prior to the birth of Christ,,

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within about a year, I curetted the uterus on three

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valescent patient whose morning and evening blood pressures re-

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so like in shape, size, and general appearance to the common earth-

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It has also been advised that each kidney be separately ex-

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fessional studies you are likely to suppose. None of the

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-7 i ;f :i:7 77_> 77.7 heart :7:-7fv :77i:i7 :7i:777 : an ex7t v::77 : i:7~:77;<-

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at the annual Christmas Seal dinner, October 25, at

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imitate another we may be sure that our task is not a simple one.

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goric, with suicidal intent. I was called some time after, but

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giving rise to an instinctive want, impelling animals to the acts

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mrlL^^." inoculated, and it may be found in the stomach of

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sable knot of mourning. Yonder quarter, that a few days agone con-

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so often find them, caused the madman to pay the penalty of his mad act

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reflex dilatation may also be suspended. If you stimu-

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have no doctrines such as " Similia similibus curantur," and

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plishes by means of an arrangement of the operative sheets that

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as determined by Legal's test, are treated with 2 c.c. of the acetic

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as well be ruled that a limb should always be taken off with a particular kind

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tibia is less affected and shows no more than a suggestion of a roughening, but

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stantly moist by the patient ; at the same time a saline purgative

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