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lopius (1623-1662), Eustachius (1620-1674), and many others, many
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normal and the mass moves to the right. Occult blood is present in the
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was* given limited activity on September 1, 1947, and
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results are given in Table 5 the ration of hay was insufficient and the
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very best kinds of food, the most healthful meats, free from all possi-
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adults present, but there were numerous nodules on the cecum, some of which
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The regular annual general meeting is held in the January quarter of each
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lavatory and dressing-room facilities. Many of the establishments have large and com-
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Grundy-Daviess.E. A. Duffy, Trenton E. J. Mairs, Trenton
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requested the appointment of a similar officer for that market, and
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ment shall be inspected by a Department employee when received. No meat which has
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Agriculture promulgated May 1, 1905, as amended, and is subject to amendment or
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tory or the District of Columbia into another State or Territory or the District of
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diseases are to some extent heritable to the belief that all diseases
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nioro sonsitivo (Kin. 1!M i. Imlti'il. it is said llial tlii" iiiliiliition in tlii-
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,li,. 1„1„. n„ nil- si.],, is .•..iin.'.'t.'.l «iHi 111. nvspnn.lin.,' Iialf ..f oa.-li
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found in 6.89 per cent of 1436 autopsies and occupied the third place
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American pork even after it had been microscopically inspected.
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greater than a few centimeters. I saw one last week
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tachable mass exists. Homans states that, if in the
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Danish packing houses established in May, 1902, a stock company
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230 Frisco Building, Joplin, Missouri, Telephone 744
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Heart. — ^Weight, 420 gm. It is slightly but uniformly enlarged. The
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Order No. 125, with Its amendments, being the rules and regulations of the Department of
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in the stomach since they might be in the wall with-
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with three deaths (a mortahty of 16 per cent). Al-^
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emaciation and failure to u'l'ow : i -J ' a tcmli'iicy to the production of
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heater; Z>, cooling tank; E^ platform for receiving and deUverii]^
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of the University Medical College of Kansas City, 1911;
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ings with medical speakers before high schools, health
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<luriii^^ miiM-uIar e\ereisc. it hecoiiies very rapid. The Mlyc.e.r.'nic func-
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,„,..„„„. ,,i,,,,,i., . . . Sn.-h animals. th.-,vfo.v. .-..nstituto valnal. .-
other medicins like coreg
In the case reported, prior to diagnosis, penicillin
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roid gland and surrounding tissue were cut in serial blocks, after
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England. In any case some importation would be necessary to keep
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