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which is often very sensitive. The bath thermometer should invariably

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all bacteriologists is considered not to be pathogenetic, when injected

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tubercle bacilli may be conveyed by flies ; Burgess has recently given

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H2S and NH3. CO2 no doubt is given out by all organisms. Some,

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GeseUschaft, 1886, S. 75 Iff. — Ifi. Edinger. " Eine neue Theorie iiber die Ursachen

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of knowledge to determine what changes, if any, take place ; we cannot

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of recurrent attacks of erysipelas. The local hyperplasias which result

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animals be relatively insusceptible. In some cases, however, continued

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also show a tendency to elongation and branching or clubbing ; anthrax

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ficient to allow the organisms to gain a foothold. This advantage may

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way. The condition is one of depression; the skin is cold and pale,

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Local pain, allied to local neurasthenia (topalgia of Blocqui), is occa-

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nurse should be able to notice the more important changes that may oc-

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as some very overcrowded populations have suffered even less from it

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after electrical treatment, electricity is therefore a proper means to try

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tion from the skin and from the lungs is promoted, and this effect is

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inasmuch as the medicine did not operate, and the swelling of the belly

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and nerve, when it is obliged to vibrate in small spaces. The particles

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current should be repeatedly made and broken and reversed by hand ;

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coma or carcinoma is so closely like that, for example, of tuberculosis,

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normal masses of tissue classed as accessory thyroids, supernumerary

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and know every preparation and movement of the other. The latent

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from elsewhere ; as it has been met with in fat young women, it is not

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and besotted, of which New Orleans has a larger ratio, probably, than

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tionate acceleration. A sharp fever with a pulse of only 80 or 90 was

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It IS needless to say that these symptoms may all, or some of them,

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from an addition to the number of red cells in the peripheral vessels

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In phthisis we have hardly any power to influence lung tissue directly :

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form of diabetes the risks are too great to justify acceptance. It must

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