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exactly filling the cavity. It was taken from a woman aged twenty-six,

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August 1st, 1883, the use of this flesh brush, after two months experience, wrote: — "I am using your brush

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although soluble does not ionize in solution. It is the free calcium ions

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from a patient who had suffered from gout for thirt}'-eight years previously.

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have never witnessed more searching, exact, and intelligent ex-

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corresponding month of last year (175) exclusive of influenza, influenzal

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in small-pox, typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery, cholera, and plague. To

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actively delirious but in a state of semi-stupor. The

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be called a rough draft of the fetus or embryo. The third

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am not uufrcquently compelled, rather than continue too long a some-

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if possible, be given, on account of their being more

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income of the Society is paid out to beneficiaries, but

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are essentially clonic, whereas spasms of spinal cord origin are tonic in

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not demonstrated, but the description given, and the fact that Mr. Treves

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establishing a specialty board of family practice, we would be a long way

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about ID c. c. of the latter to each agar culture. Antifonnin is

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years. During his twenty-three years' directorship of an institution for

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struction was found to be due to outgrowth into the

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contact not only with their fellow-graduates but also wuth their

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Concomitant antacids should be given as needed for pain relief to patients with active duodenal ul-

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their medical advisers progresses, they may be led to apply or to be sent to hospitals

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This is an accident of very frequent occurrence among cows, yet

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spinal fluid was free from any excess of cells and from micro-organisms.

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