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Hospital has been founded years but there is no record of a

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opening of the abdomen was of a great deal more mag

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would then cease. Such right of way would also cease if a

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should be immediately inserted into the deltoid muscle. If there is present

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being rather small she n as sent away. A few days afterwards

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mental pathology their diagnosis merits serious study

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been referred to that it could not be passed over in

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We read of the study of biography in the schools of countries whose

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de quelques Hommes de VArt envers leurs Malades. Par C. Ravel

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the whole region on both sides is carefully examined and when

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symptoms comes away easily depending on stage of gestation generally

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third vaccine bottle. Lysolize by adding milligrams of ure lysol.

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Since making the examination I have again seen my patient

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tions of tuberculosis and high frequency efBuves have been recom

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greatest care in following every detail and seeing the

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with the production of a general tuberculosis in three weeks while

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ing in watery solution into insoluble kino red kinoin

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Infectious Disease. Some of the infectious fevers of childhood are rather

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the infraspinous fossa was made and was followed by

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variola by their first attack of cow pox could not be variolated either

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granule masses with fibrin fibrils and here and there

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was iuteiTupted. AMiat hypothesis remains r God only knows

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ested in the work and now the accomplishment of the

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cutis from carcinoma and syphilis. Dr. Eisendrath re

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The requirements of the milder cases are met by a good

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the boarding out system for the insane of Scotland Bel

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a fairly prosperous condition and has a class of forty

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opportunity to show you Martinis operation for fibroids of the uterus

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would be proper when the heart is overcrowded with blood during

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the disciples of the old school. With hypothetical conjectures as to the nature

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defectita I exeesriva D. trantiatitia and I unitarian

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at once. This operation is comparatively safe its mortality in

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also on same page and under same heading ascribe the remarks opposite the

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Douglass Barclay. Dr. Barclay was educated in the North

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tion truly representative of the whole medical profession of this country.

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silk. The inner balloon is so reinforced with rubber that

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fails to appear the process remaining as an indura

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jury which results in death. But certainly a uterus enlarged

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