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when the degenerative process is not far advanced the balneological and

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and then with alcohol, changing every article of dress, and

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mitting or inducing young men who have no special qualifications to

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effluvation a large number of cases of other forms of dermatoses,

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indicate these types of work each of which, in keeping

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miliary, grey, translucent tubercles, or with larger hard tubercles

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1. .\uto-intoxication in diabetics, diabetic coma. Allied

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advised the trial of the Alexander remedy for a couple of

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ment to dutv. ( Par. 7, S. O., No. 211, A. G. O., Sep-

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a general and a special. In the iirst, tlie methods of examination and

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of 6 pounds of separator milk and 3£ pounds crushed cotton seed,

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vomiting proved obstinate, nothing but lumps of ice and

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iodide or bromide of potassium in frequent medium doses ; some that of

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ix. Internal. M. Cong., Wash., 1887, iii, 715-717.— Por-

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Having made the above preliminary remarks, we proceed

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dulness is increased. Glandular enlargement is almost always present. This

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given alternately in small doses and repeated every two or three

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weight from one foot to another, and swinging its body back-

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to be seen in the second left space. Three days later

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heart, and (3) a recumbent position are the causal factors.

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particularly, small-pox, eczema, and impetigo, have some influence

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simple, all her forces being brought to attain physiological

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all influences tending to disturb the due proportion between

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search for reticulocytes in "vital spreads. "^^ Like the urobilin

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the bowel is affected, the prominent symptoms are bloody diar

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tropical than in temperate climates, but there is no part of the world exempt

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selection has been made, and that the more important problems in pathology

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showed that proteins break down into aminoacids and but who also showed,

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Milk.— The bacteriological examination of milk, requires certain precautions

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