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The special distribntion of the pigmentation and the rough, scaly

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apparent weakness was due to a difference in the reaction of the frogs,


omy of the metacarpo-phalangeal joint of the thumb.

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This new edition of Manson's " Tropical Diseases" has appeared at

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For these reasons it seems to me that the judicious remarks

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the nostrils and chest, are attended to, until the child

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writing in his native Switzerland, the mountains of which

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not know to which of the remedial agents employed, to ascribe

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have rendered the greatest benefits to humanity, and made the

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consciousness and syncope; and if she is not quickly relieved

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Bureau of Animal Industry of the effects of these bacilli when inoculated

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recite his great deeds in the line of banking. It was evident that the

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skin which is ver^ subject to excoriations, always uncovered and thus more

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1881 WiLLLAMa, JoHif. M.D.. Profeaaor of Midwifery,

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agonal plates containing 2 molecules of water of crystallization and

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to keep in mind only the attainable and practical parts of the ques-

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tracted by contusion and expression are often evaporated and known

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can be easily felt through the hoof. The mouth is hot and dry,

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raised at less expense than one horse — that a mule is

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next. This paper was perfect and complete, and ready for the press,

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The wound was closed with a continuous silk suture, the pericardial

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after his last meal, which contained 65 gm. of fat and 7 gm. of protein nitrogen,

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Under this name we designate a malady generally de-

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ing moments of man's life, and the truth of the poet's

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Not common ; occurring usually on abrupt wet creek banks.

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1st. Evacuate the inflamed breast by the breast-pump, or by suc-

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Excellency Earl Grey, Honorary President; Senator Edwards, Presi-

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shining ; while the swelling which occurs communicates a pecu-

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The opening article of this issue, entitled "Nasal Polypus, with

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very small quantity of the food reaching the pyloric vestibule, and

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the permanent laterals to approach the anterior deciduous molars, they fall

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of statistics seems to us to establish anything except (which is indeed

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Whenever a case of small-pox occurs it is the first san-

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malarial fever, or, but to a less extent, who has been for long times exposed

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analgesic, and in the numerous cases where we have employed it it

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was demonstrated, and although empyema occurs in pure pneumo-

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ies, preferably by means of rings of cork held in place by a gauze bandage.

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permanent restoration, or even relief, death in many cases is only a ques-

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and sympathetic neighbor. These people often cannot aflTord a

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Theory and Practice of Medicine in the Medical Jjcpartnient of

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should be unable to sleep in a smoky and dirty city, while another

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First, the medicolegal significance of the FDA’s de-

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by instructing the patient to breathe through his nose,

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stimulants given and the foot of the bed elevated. Dilation of

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date. The very absence of anything like nice or critical

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by the long continued use of relatively large quantities of

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