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cure. When we give up the use of the placebo, and only pre-
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her professional life she answered, "The highest compli-
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Academy, thus betraying a long-continued interest in military affairs.
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of which is suggestive and interesting. The contributors are
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motion till fatigued ; worse at evening and during the night,
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a leaden projectile must have a velocity of 450 metres, a
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deviated whilst proceeding at a high velocity. This has
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In connection with the chronic arthridites, we will now discuss a peculiar
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branch migrated to the northern part of Ireland during religious
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can only be suspected without the help of radiography.
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appeared in "Wood's Library" for 1883), it will be a matter for
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bed of the sick and its immersion in boiling water or in a disinfecting
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perfectly healthy all his life, with no known cause for any such
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cases, but dangerous, both to general health, and even to life.
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need now be added. We have earnest hope of materially in-
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detailed, it was found that hydrastine destroyed the irritability
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most gratifying to the patrons of the hospital, and have enabled
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first woman admitted to a membership in these societies.
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a work of a very advanced character giving his views. In 1826 he
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an intense irritation leading to necrosis and inflammations with
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forefinger of the left hand is laid upon the upper lid adjoining
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mentioned, together. The last suture is introduced just above
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If errors and extravagances have crept in to render effects
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Susan D. Short, M.D., Somerville; Anna B. Taylor, M.D.,
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which is open to the suspicion of containing the germs of any infectious
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cxclusivdy for the better class of their private patients who
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ing defiance of Greek and of common sense, that homoeopathy
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to the General Lawton Council, Junior Order of United American
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graduated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York
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The electric excitability of the muscles rapidly diminishes, and is finally de-
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ciprofloxacin eye/ear drops uses
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British Army, was attached to the medical department of the French
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is the object of cure; to them the patient presents deranged
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medical societies and institutions in the city of New York,
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upon the feet for a few moments only. The feet were cold to the
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matology is masked by that of the neighbouring lesions, the
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r> OBERT FULTON WEIR, of New York City, was born in that
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Hon. Joseph B^uchette, Surveyor- General of Canada, who
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the form of will are rare and interesting, and form the chief
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herself taught us how it is to be done ; viz., the medicine chosen
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out of shape, flattened, turned out of its course, broken up,
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He engaged in the practice of general medicine in East

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