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class of laborers but also the broad masses of wage

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other nutritious and readily digestible foods listlessness languor and

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curred in this country for several years. It will be

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cffcfl that Capt. James mentions the cold to have had upon the

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sion that the majority of all monkeys in zoological collections

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syphilis may be the cause. The hip joint is most often affected

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The Action of the False Vocal Cords in Deglutition.

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complete insomnia. The patient complained of an acute pain in the

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of vaccination have acquired a certain constitutional re

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the tropics. In the second phase during the periods in

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The patient came out of the ansesthetic well was bright

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Hospital and had certificates from Dr. Cusack to that effect.

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the case under treatment the physical condition of the patient and

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ally described by Theiler. md Meyer in South Africa in. Re

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all kinds division or contusion of nerves different forms of

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groin made after death showed it to be composed of epithelial cells

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all kinds division or contusion of nerves different forms of

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Admitting the truth of the above proposition it nevertheless is a

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cillations caused by the impulsions of the heart being determ

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rendered it very probable that the white cord which had

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in the epigastrium spreading from there to other parts

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of using the clamp is the larger amount of broad ligament

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described in this respect between the pale globules of the

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izes the symptom. It is rather an annihilation of appetite so complete that

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