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shoots toward the shoulder while in appendicitis it ex

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thus excessive formation or hypertrophy of the structures which precede

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after four years effort by Dr. Samuel H. Durgin Commissioner of

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doubt they all felt as he did that a debt of gratitude

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spleen close to the large aneurysm into which it passes

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poor sons of the parent institution if they did not ever

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nos pupils greatly dilated oedema of papilla on right patient

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muscles of the chest wall particularly of the inter

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could easily be scraped off. The liver was slightly cloudy. The kid

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food ration one half and prescribed eight miles exercise

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culous children there was found tuberculosis of the bronchial glands

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or whose children have died before the date of their

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I have been asked the quantity of arsenauro given. As stated I

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will not fail to make auto isies whenever it is possible.

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below and internally by the inner head of the Gastroc

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child that has died of cholera infiantum had eaten milk or any other

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haave could account for the formation of polypus only

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allowing children to run wild wayward and ignorant

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Dorsal Lumbar and Sacral Cord. The changes throughout

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changing as new facts regarding them come to light and

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Board of Health of a death certificate signed by an

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attacked with uncontrollable vomiting from which she

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As regards the stimulating effects of foods tlie mat

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not even the remotest possibilities of an personal inter

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