Cardura 8

dans le sillon transverse du foie, accompagnent les vaisseaux hepatiques,
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for organic matter, and considering the chemical complexity of living
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Zoology, £\ 4s. ; perpetual to both, £<) 9s. ; 0, single, £l IS. ; p,
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might give it, it was a conscientious, straightforward position ; and, as
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could not go to an hospital now without finding syphilis in women and
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for the medical profession, of extraordinary- length : that the deed of partnership
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creased accommodation in Glasgow for cases of fever. Dr. Russell
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sion of his having an epileptic seizure, an aura appears to originate on
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study its healthy ways, and conform in some measure to its conventional
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knowledge. It may have been long known to some that the University
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Atthill, Dresser at St. George's Hospital, London. Some ladies be-
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thirty-five drachms in all were used. Enemata of beef-tea and brandy-
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4. That, witli one exception, the medical officers advised the early
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nent sources of infection; 7* because true syphilis can so rarely be de-
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duced to qualitative perception of light ; and an active mercurial treat-
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mittee directed their attention to a large wooden shed which had been
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the minute particles of living matter which have been derived from
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The following gentlemen also on the same day passed their first pro-
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continued simply appalling. The children under one year of .ige who
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code of regrdations ; and that the salaries of the medical officers be de-
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Arcachon, and Amelie les Bains will also probably be closed to visitors.
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of considerable interest, and the reports of committees on the influence
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Practically, my own limited experience respecting Algiers accords
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We are requested to state that the Committee of the Medical Club have
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were fully carried out, and Dr. Sibson consented to be examined as a
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gard to it ; if, for instance, they supposed that the end of their labours
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funds produced ;^3S3 :2 : 10, including the sum of £<i\ : 10, the hoito-
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dietary calculated on Dr. Smith's table ; the seclusion used, the classi-
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* Wright, Charles J., Esq., appointed Lecturer on Physiology in the Leeds School
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attend in labour Mary P. V. , a German woman of small stature. An
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the British dominions, contains 130 beds. — An Obstetrical Museum,
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are very seldom called upon for advice till the disease has assumed a
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which the wind blew freely in and out on all sides. The atmosphere of
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Even now, among the post mortem examinations in the " Banacken'"
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I could, if chose, cite several instances of unions where similar fal-

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