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bv operative methods. I shall confine myself to conditions which are

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ished' in size during the sixteen days so that it now measures

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his researches upon inhalation tuberculosis), I confess that,

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along with the breaking up of adhesions by a blunt probe and anoint-

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9. Spontaneous salivation is favourable, both for cure and

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this valuable edition to the respectful notice and patronage of our friends.

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although the percentage mortality is very high, the number

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the abdomen was thoroughly irrigated with sterile water and

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He will then be examined upon the following branches of medicine : Anatomy,

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tion. The use of leaden diaphragms permits investiga-

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to gather all the testimony possible, the body was ordered

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remedy upon which he puts dependence ; it will con-

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enable the reader to at once perceive their extent and boundaries.

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doctor is a little too cautious about the newspaper and his rela-

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1 Mafkoiizie Davidson. Rijntgcn ray and localization. British Medical .Journal, January 1. 1898.

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are produced by the intermediation of the bulbo-spinal system, and death cannot

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potential energy considerably in excess of the ordinary dietary

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cised in case of puncture, as this means might make

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cases in tliis series is given, but our limits will

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about two and a half times as great as would be caused by an equal volume of

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the day. His book, therefore, is sure to be re- ests of the medical profession devoted much

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formed. One was at the junction of the first and sec-

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causes. It is a well-recognized fact that transfusion of foreign blood,

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a fortnight since there was a good deal of typhus prevalent.

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ing presented to drug-stores and being filled as i>rescrip-

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fice, there is a greater liability to direct irritation.

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problems of illness without outside aid. But certainly,

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syni[┬╗toms referred to are those which belong to dyspepsia, with a scanty

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