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internal organs in such cases it is not putrefactive.

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Altitude training in the Fourth Air Force was characterized by the fact


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bottle and other eating utensils. At all times we must guard

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the rise in the temperature had proving unavailing.

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lation is thus easily and rapidly effected. Properly con

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brain unimpaired headache and vomiting slight or absent.

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that the hippocratic fingers seen with various lung diseases are not

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practical. The tube especially the heavy type is as danger

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eval education that the undergraduate work of the medi

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a brisk physio should be given. The worm powder is quite success

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popularity of the R lt iyal Army Medical Corps among the

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this paper which was illustrated with lantern slides.

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foregoing conclusion. In patients of the middle class

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usually a mixture of three four or more kinds. One sample

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lofing their forms in mixed bodies is favoured by this experiment wherein

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metsares in the treatment of diseases but the results of experience are

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either visual auditory tactile or of any other kind.

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