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while a more soothing regime previously alluded to
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the synovial sheath is the next in magnitude and joints may be much
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edly due to intrathoracic causes are extremely rare in cases obtained
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There was muscular rigidity and tenderness low on the right side
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can the interests not only of the patient but also of
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possible of the personality. This opens up the entire problem of the
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other vegetable astri ngents Thus i t is prescribed in hemorrhages passive
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arterial blood of the respiratory center are largely responsible for periodic
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and soon become fuU of tubercles. Such is the testimony of
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implanted on an udder which was already infected with mastitis. If so why
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that after fright and panic have obtained sway sanitary precautions cannot
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spinal meningitis after an illness of three days. He
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rations. Aqueous solutions of volatile oils still constitute
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kaving completed twenty years actual service to be Surgeon Iajor
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Medical Department are of peculiar interest. The initiative came from
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and that this is largely due to a lack of early cor
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to vanish into the limbo of medical fads and fancies.
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with the point of the sound or a gentle percussion upon it
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were in part fixed and in part flexible which together
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commonly considered the same although their pathology is
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trac des artistes et son traitement par la methode hyp
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move about and not obviously returned as inefficient would
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stances but he rarely is able to tell why he prefers
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used corresponds to one c. c. silver nitrate solution
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The work under consideration can be divided into two
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to the poor quality of the milk. In closing I can only
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locally to produce unn sthesia in dentistry and painted
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come from Gastrocnemia or Gastrocnemion. The expression might well be translated the
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ing to know that the humanity which underlay them also underlay the treatment
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a sweetish odor in the diseased parts which was neither pleasant nor
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of the blood in the various blood diseases act in this manner.
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it accumulates in the system for a time and all at once
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Does not develop a surface growth on gelatine and agar stick
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would be similarly treated. Country practitioners had written to him
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nacy confessed that the Middletown N. Y. Homseopathic
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from bad to worse. The physician who gets his case in
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tude that I received much assistance and encouragement from
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ence between the two is the freedom from discomfort in the duo
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only in these cases that any risk to life e.xists from pregnancy.
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Prognosis. Prognosis is good. Recovery begins promptly

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