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changes in the intestines. You can never get ahead of some of these

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pleural, or pericardial exudate. Pass through flame.

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in every case under constant skillful supervision, so

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4. Publications of the Massachusetts General Hospital,

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anywhere in the world. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe.

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Parker, E. G., Surgeon. Ordered to the Naval Academy.

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3. A Convenient, Painless Alethod of Giving the Ehrlich-

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nounced at frequent intervals. So far as they have been

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Cook. — In Mexia, Texas, on Saturday, October ist, Dr.

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present in this case, we tmfortunately had no knowl-

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legislation at the time of its enactment, but wish to

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Bailey, Edward, Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. Sep-

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for the preceding month, and 458 more than for the month

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edge no obligation to review them all. Nevertheless, so

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of vital processes has taken possession of all fields

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the pubis. The fragments were distorted. We cleaned their other injuries.

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School, and Charles L. Mix, A. M., M. D., Professor of

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are referable to the remedy. There does not appear to

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disturbance is in evidence, with low resisting power,

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record of the whole country. Five of the leading oculists

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pressure with immediate recovery. Forty-five cubic cen-

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8. .\ Case of Death after Using Ehrlich-Hata's 606,

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and mongoose taken was 780,. and the average number of

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Coin-right, ioto. by .\ R. Elliott Publishing Company.

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the heart diseases may be mentioned mitral stenosis,

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uterus proper, and in the presence of actual haemor-

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